In Solidarity, Race Forward Brings Facing Race to North Carolina

Facing Race 2020 is going virtual and our partners in North Carolina will continue to serve as our “host committee” for the event, and will march on with us in deep collaboration.

Over the past two years, Race Forward has been organizing in partnership with communities and the government in North Carolina to push back on institutional and structural racism and transphobic policies and narratives. The focus of our place-based efforts in North Carolina has been to engage with organizers, advocates, organizations and sectors that are committed to advancing racial equity, identify opportunities to deepen efforts, and help concentrate resources to address needs and gaps.

Race Forward acknowledges all of the hard work of our North Carolina planning committee and their enthusiasm in designing a program and conference space that honors community organizing. The Facing Race planning team and the North Carolina Host committee will continue its partnership and work closely to re-imagine the conference in an online space, and maximize the use of digital tools to create an accessible, compelling, and exciting community space for all.

One of our goals for the Facing Race 2020 online program will be to center the communities and voices of North Carolina in our sessions, cultural offerings and art presentations. As with the previous conferences, host states and Race Forward collaborate to produce Facing Race under the tenants of a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). The first CBA was introduced and adopted by the 2018  Facing Race Detroit Host Committee, which resulted in deeper collaborations with local community organizers, local artists, and local businesses owned or operated by people of color. The CBA is the mechanism by which the host committee shapes the decisions and conditions that affect the residents of the host city who participate in the Facing Race conference.

We have been honored to work with communities in North Carolina, knowing the deep legacies of vision and courage of freedom movements here and across the South that guide all of us today. It is in this spirit of honoring leaders past and present that we look forward to dedicating this online convening in November.

Join us.