Facing Race: A National Conference in St. Louis, MO — November 20-22, 2024

Mass Liberation AZ presents: The Importance of Black Political Solidarity; Not just a hashtag but a political framework for the Future

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Saturday, 11/19
2:15 pm to 3:45 pm

Mass Liberation AZ presents “The Importance of Black Political Solidarity in AZ; Not just a hashtag but a political framework”. Through our workshop, participants will discuss the impact of and importance of Black political solidarity, analyze systems of power and how they affect Black movement organizing, and principled struggle in building a framework centered on Black solidarity. Participants will gain a better understanding of systems analysis from a Black political framework; Applying what they learned from the break-out exercise, participants will provide to Race Forward, a co-created assessment by attendees and set of recommendations to help on their journey to achieving Black political solidarity in Arizona.

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